Jake Snare in “Jungle Fever”

  Jake Snare had never faced such a crisis before. He was standing before indiana_jones copya dark and dense jungle, with a woman and three small children and it made him  shake. Although familiar with adventure and danger, this was more than he had in mind and much more than he had bargained for. The jungle had many visible and unseen dangers; predators, poisonous animal and plants, and compounding the problem was the thickness of the jungle itself, it will be hard to find a way out. For a moment he thought; "Alone I could make it easier." But looking back into the eyes now focused on him, he knew that was no longer a choice.

Assessing the predicament, Jake thought: Dangerous yes, but keeping together will reduce the odds of getting injured or worse. No clear path, in fact no path at all! He would have to follow his training, what he already knew about the jungle that will help find their way out. Studying his small band, he realized their vulnerability. Knowing that they might not be able to keep up with him, he would need to set a pace in line with their strengths and abilities. To leave the jungle in one-piece it will take all of them working together. They would have to find provision on the way and as for weapons…there was no visible ones but with his knowledge and what he would learn on the way, it would be enough.

Now for the first step, that was the tough one, in what direction to place one's foot and lead. He remembered all the manuscripts he read and studied and knew in his heart he would have to trust their words. They were his only weapons, their only maps and their only hope.

My fictional hero is my attempt to paint a picture of what we as men face daily, maybe not as dramatic but equally real. The jungle we face is the world, with snares and dangers that challenge us daily. Many choose to go through alone, sometimes leaving a family to try to find its own way out. Thankfully, there are many who realize the privilege, honor and high calling of leading a family through the jungle of life. Watching, peering ahead for dangers and pitfalls. Identifying vulnerabilities in him and in his family, and searching for ways to strengthen all its members. Studying God's word, our map for our journey, for direction and insight into the ways of the jungle. Memorizing His words, our weapon against the enemy, and to speak life into our family, encouraging them to keep going. Living His word out in our lives, the hope we portray to our family, as an example of faith in God and His provision.

It is time to realize the potency of God's word and His plan for us as men. We are the "Last Adventure Hero" (sorry Arnie) for our family and although our lives may not involve exploding cars and spraying bullets, there are many dangers that would seek to "blow up" our security and "shoot" down our beliefs. Father God gives us gifts for His kingdom and that kingdom includes those entrusted to our care. I believe if we pour out our lives daily, lead lives of purity and walk uprightly for the sake of our family, we honor God's call on our lives. When people call me a "good father" or a "good husband", I try to remind them that I am still growing in those roles. That is why this is such a grand adventure! Everyday we have the opportunity to search and chart undiscovered areas in family life and leave a legacy rich in knowledge and love.

You are meant to lead your family, I am meant to lead mine, there is no excuse not to. Despite our weakness, "His grace is sufficient", despite our pride and selfish desires we are to "submit one to another" (yes, even those in our family). We are called to nothing less and "everything" more. God is committed to our families and when we align ourselves with Him, there is nothing that can stop us from becoming the leader they need us to be. Also, we need to align ourselves with men of like faith, who share similar beliefs and struggles. Encourage one another, be accountable with one another, and pray with and for one another. When the going gets tough...the tough should be praying, we often stand the tallest when we are praying for our families.

We have a map (the Word), we have a guide (the Holy Spirit), we have an example to follow (our Lord), and we have a constant source of provision (our Father, our God). As we cut through the jungle, we'll find more men like us, struggling but persevering through the dense undergrowth. We leave a path behind us, for our families and others to follow.

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

God Bless,


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