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Thou who didst hang upon a barren tree,
My God, for me;
Though I till now be barren, now at length
Lord, give me strength
To bring forth fruit to Thee.
- "Long Barren" by Christina Rossetti

"Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed."
- 1 Peter, 2:24

These were part of my reflections during my morning devotion and I don't think I can share anything better to drive the point home than the video below. My daughter Sarah shared this gift of hers during our service for Palm Sunday...I hope it blesses you. Have a blessed Easter Sunday...He is Risen! - Jay


Thief by Third Day

I am a thief, I am a murderer
Walking up this lonely hill
What have I done? I don't remember
No one knows just how I feel
and I know that my time is coming soon.

It's been so long. Oh, such a long time
Since I've lived with peace and rest
Now I am here, my destination
guess things work for the best
and I know that my time is coming soon

Who is this man? This man beside me
They call the King of the Jews
They don't believe that He's the Messiah
But, somehow I know it's true.
And they laugh at Him in mockery,
and beat Him till he bleeds
They nail Him to the rugged cross,
and raise Him, they raise Him up next to me

My time has come, I'm slowly fading
I deserve what I receive
Jesus when You are in Your kingdom
Could You please remember me

He looks at me still holding on
and the tears fall from His eyes
He says I tell the truth
Today, you will live with Me in paradise

and I know that my time is coming soon
and I know that my time is coming soon
And I know paradise, paradise, is coming soon

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Joanne Norton said…
WOW!!  The song is wonderful... and your daughter did it beautifully and with heart-filled understanding.   Won't it be wonderful to see and meet that thief that turned to our dear Lord in such a tragic, painful, and extremely overwhelming time... jailed, beaten, nailed,  and then, just then, his heart turns to His Lord.
S. Etole said…
What a family of blessing you are to so many of us. Easter blessings.
bill (cycleguy) said…
Not only do I appreciate you, Jay, I than Sarah for this gift.  I have forwarded the video on to the lady who signs for our worship.  Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. 
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Bill, your opinion and insight is a blessing to me. I will forward your kind words to Sarah! Bless you and your family!
Jay Cookingham said…
Susan, the same can be said of you and your gifts...thank you!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks will be a cool thing to find out this guys name and the rest of his story someday. Bless ya!
floyd said…
That was amazing! Your daughter has a rare talent to translate emotions... and she didn't say a word... Absolutely awesome! I'm proud for you! That brings a whole new found love of that Third Day song for me, I don't think I'll be able to hear it again and not think of this video. 

Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones!

Gary said…
OOOoooH, man.  Tearrfully wonderful, the poem and Sarah's sign concert.  What a way to refocus on a distractive, busy Saturday morning. All Three of the Trinity are smiling.  Next project:  A poem picturing the Trinity smile.  Am passing this on to our prayer pals.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Gary, have a blessed Easter Sunday my friend!
Jay Cookingham said…
She sure is all that and more my brother, I am a blessed man with the family He has given me. Many blessings on you and all your family!

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