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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lost in Translation

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I don’t usually rant…at least online. Many of you know my beliefs, my passion for marriage and for family. If you have read my posts or listen to my talks, you know my heart is for us to be the people God has asked us to be.

I like Mike Huckabee and I like chicken sandwiches…OK? All disclaimers are in place…I hope.

So the Church’s response to the attack on God’s definition of marriage was…

…Appreciation Day?


Sorry…I don’t want to stand in line for a chicken snack to prove anything, much less that I’m a Christian. I do want to stand for what is right by the way I live my life, not buying something from the value menu. It has to be more than that doesn’t it? Couldn’t we be mobilized to do something greater…to be someone greater?

I have no issue with Christian supporting Christian business, in fact I encourage it. But what message did we send?…what fruit did we produce?…what lives were changed? Did supporting a franchise prove the following Scripture?

“And then he told them, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

I wonder…but I don’t think that’s the “going into all the world” Jesus was talking about.

If the Church wants to be the light, it has to be more than gimmicks, more than flexing consumer muscle…it has to live out the Father’s truth.

I could be wrong…maybe it’s just lost in translation.

Rant over…more prayer coming…

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