Momentary Adversaries



wpc-buttonIt's warrior poet time over at my friend Jason's blog Connecting to Impact. So head on over and read some awesome poems and you can even wear a beret and snap your fingers if you like!

Momentary Adversaries

The fight is fierce
The insults tear
and scar.
Yet, it is my arms
raised in victory
They are momentary
I am eternal
They are temporary,
misfits of time
I am forever
the Father's

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Dusty Rayburn said…
Makes me want to go home and watch Rocky! :)

Yet our victory in the arms of the Father are so much greater and higher than any earthbound success.
Jay Cookingham said…
Is that you Apollo? Thanks Dusty!
jasonS said…
That is what is so awesome--they are all momentary adversaries! (I'm fighting the urge to put a hundred exclamation points) :) When we see from the view of His victory, we are left with nothing but joy and triumph. He graces us to the live there. What a God! Love this, Jay. Thanks so much.
Jay Cookingham said…
They may not feel so "momentary" at times...but the the truth is the truth. The victory is ours in Christ Jesus! Thanks Jason!
The fight is fierce indeed...but being forever the Father's is what helps us continue to battle...thanks for sharing this, Jay.
Jay Cookingham said…
being His (forever) makes the difference in the fight for sure! Thanks Sheila!
floyd said…
Momentary adversaries, I like that, in the end that's exactly what they are. I like to call them, "Pebbles in my road of life." Good poem JC! Nice initials!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Bro'...BTW, I'm also a carpenter's son but that may be were the comparisons end!
Michael Kimball said…
No way, Jay. The comparison is much more than skin deep my friend...
Jay Cookingham said…
Your too kind Michael! I appreciate the encouragement!
Dan Black said…
Great poem. At least we have to fight for a while then we will be in eternity.
Joanne Norton said…
YEP! RAISE MY ARMS TO PRAISE!!! Not much else counts ever. I rely on that when the battles/fights are either happening already or heading my way. Thanks for the creativity.
Jay Cookingham said…
Poetry is worship for me my sister...I'm glad it touched your heart. Thanks Joanne!

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