Late Night Wacky Wednesday

It's just one of those days when being serious is such a drag and I feel like letting my more playful side out of the box. Sometimes I just have the strangest thoughts...and so do other family members…like Becky (My seven
yr-old daughter) , who will start off the parade of wackiness!



A New Beckyism:

"Hey Mom, you're like a cow, you have gutters!" funny_cow





Now back to me, I was thinking...
(yes, I actually was)

wolfman-old1Remember that old song Dancing in the moonlight by King Harvest? Loved that song...but I was thinking that would be really dangerous if Lon Chaney (aka, The Wolfman) was around. 




Mickey and Goofy wear pants but how come Donald has a wardrobe malfunction?




If you mix Klingons with your Twitter status do you get Status Klingons?




Try saying Twitter and Tweets in a conservation
with someone who has no clue what you're talking you can't keep a straight face.
I know I can't.

Have a great night…Blessings,


Duane Scott said…
Haha... Loved the last one!
Unknown said…
Thanks Dude...I was really tired...Jay
jasonS said…
I know what you mean about the crazy thoughts. I've got those running around my brain quite a bit! As for Donald, this may be a question we have to reserve for heaven. Ah, life's mysteries! :)
Unknown said…
Jason....Thanks for dealing with my crazy post!


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