Bad Sheep Time – A Visitor Comes

Cape%20Hatteras%20LighthouseWell, it’s late at night…I’m tired form designing book covers and I can’t think of a blog post that would make sense at the moment.

Maybe because Hatteras NC is calling me…
(3 days away). Anyways…it’s time again for BAD SHEEP!

God Bless ya! Jay

bad sheep 6


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~*Michelle*~ said…
"married outside the family"


in light of what I am going through.....(as you know!)....I needed this laugh tonight!
JC Dude said…
Michelle, BAD SHEEP is therapy for me, I'm glad it gave a chuckle. You hang in there with your son, we'll be praying for you all.

jasonS said…
Ha! Have a wonderful trip- be blessed and enjoy the rest. :)
JC Dude said…
Thanks Jason...We need the break for sure!

Duane Scott said…
Don't forget to take twitter with you. :)

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