plr-price-tag In my blog I try to expose, reveal and show sides of my life that lets you in on who I am. I do this through stories about my family, struggles with being a dad, husband and brother.
I showcase my "talents" with the hope that you get a multi-faceted picture of my life...yep, even BAD SHEEP is an attempt to that end.

I've shared poetry before but I'm a little shy about it, I don't consider myself a poet but rather a person who writes poetry. I write poetry, in spurts mostly, because it's a way I connect to the Father. It's like a personal psalm…that's why it's a little private to me.

Some of you are excellent poets, wonderful wordsmiths and I tip my beret to you (hear my fingers snapping?). I offer this this as a psalm of worship today to a Father who loves us deeply. He's drawing us back to the heart of worship every moment of every day. He has made us priceless.



I walk across a bridge of sighs
It seems a joyless journey
Faith in past stories
produces a gift of change
Like antique jewelry
with future value
I am adorned, crowned
I cross again
Laying it all down
at the feet of the One
Who made me


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jasonS said…
Vivid and beautiful poem (if it's all right for one dude to say that to another). Thanks for sharing this Jay. I appreciate your openness...
JC Dude said…
Thanks Jason...always appreciate your feedback!
Duane Scott said…
Nicely written poem and love that song!
JC Dude said…
Duane, Thanks bro'
S. Etole said…
well said ... perhaps "your label" could include "poet" or "psalmist" ...
Leigh said…
Nice. Thanks for sharing!
JC Dude said…
S.Etole and Leigh...I thank you very much.


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