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This is my first free book giveaway and I want you to win…well, at least one of you! This book is special to me for several reasons.

First, it’s an excellent collection of stories by dad’s for dads, it’s a real encouraging book and makes a great gift. Secondly…I’m in it (on page 94 to be exact), this is one of the books I have been privilege to have been published in. The rest of the books my work is in can be found on my Strategic Fathering web site here.

So, what do you have to do to win this puppy….Hmmmmmm? Well, there’s the standard please tweet this free book giveaway gig, that would be good and if you commenttweet a few times, ever better! However, that is just too easy for such a epic as this.

What will really sway me will be the person who leaves the best comment over the weekend into Monday, July 5th. Tell me why you want this book, why you neeed this book! I won’t be the only judge, I’m letting my family weigh in on this momentous occasion and boy, are they tough! Wads of money or bags of Cheetos won’t cut it…only the best comment will ultimately win. I’ll announce the winner Tuesday, July 6th!

The contest is on…are you in?


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Gary said…
Jay, yer wear me out (or is that S-wearing?). That's a good thing. Probably. All day trying to get synced with the "new" paradigm of net presence. You keep showing up everywhere. I keep showing up nowhere. It's the little things like how to make the little features each app has work. Guess I need to log more time. Yer a good model for my book track. When I settle down, we'll talk.
Jay Cookingham said…
Gary my friend! How's the trail bro'? Thanks for coming over to these here parts and dropping a comment on me! Be glad to help out when blessed dude.

S. Etole said…
This sounds like a great book ... best left for the males that visit here ... although I did come bringing Cheetos! Maybe next time. I am sure it will be a blessing for someone.
Jay Cookingham said…
All sisters are welcome to enter and have a chance to can give it away!
jasonS said…
I would love to have to this book, but I've thought all weekend what to say and haven't known what to write! I love what you write to dads and it blesses me as I attempt to be a better dad and ultimately like my heavenly Dad. I would be very blessed to read and glean from this! Thanks Jay for being so amazing. :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Ah, brutal honesty and we're talking! ;-0
Thanks for weighing in bro'

toddruth said…
Love your blog!
Billy Coffey said…
Dang, I'm late! Oh well, I'm gonna get this book anyway. It looks fantastic.
Jay Cookingham said… is a great book (even with my stuff in it!). Sorry you're a little late in entering the game. Maybe we can do a swap and trade when your book is released?

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