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Today I like to introduce my friend Mark Bailey. Mark and his wife Deloris are the founders of Friends Like Us, a nonprofit childhood cancer organization. There are many worth while causes in the world but this one really touches my heart. So I suggested to Mark that he let me promote Friends Like us on Soulfari and here is their story. Please visit their site and read what this great ministry to kids is all about. Thanks and God Bless, Jay

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We are Mark & Deloris Bailey the founders of Friends Like Us, a nonprofit childhood cancer organization. It all started when our son was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. The doctors gave him about a week left to live. That hurt and devastated us. We refused to give up or believe that report. So, we agreed with so many others in prayer & fasting healing over our son. God spoke to me and gave me this scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 that says…

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

God healed our son and we walked out of the hospital a month later. WE have held onto that word God gave us for years now. Brandon is now age 9 and in remission still. Yes, we’ve had some up and downs, but God has been with us the whole way and now his word has come to past even more. He had plans for us and a future doing His work.

chemobear We are now helping children everywhere in the U.S. who is devastated by cancer with a Chemo Bear and we encourage and uplift the families (of the kids) to help them through their struggle & pain. God is great and “there is purpose beyond pain”.

The bears help to visually teach kids about the treatments ahead of them, as well as help them deal with fear and anxiety through their many years of chemotherapy and surgeries. These children are the heart of Friends Like Us and it's their purpose to reach out and make adocbearcopy difference right now in each of them and their families for a brighter tomorrow.

No parent should ever have to hear the words "it's cancer". Friends Like Us strives to spread awareness of pediatric cancers in hopes of one day finding a cure.

Thank you and God Bless You,
Mark and Deloris

NOTE FROM JAY: Mark told me that they are having a Adopt-A-Bear Week, It will cost Mark $550 to purchase 7 boxes of bears (which is 100 of them). It’s a lot of bears! If you can help, please do and tell Mark I sent ya!

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jasonS said…
Wow, beautiful testimony. Thank you to Jay for giving a place to share it and thank you to Mark and Deloris for not settling into your own happiness but reaching out to help others who are afraid and challenged. Blessings upon blessings in Jesus' name to all that you're doing!
Joanne Norton said…
Neat. It's such a blessing when people don't just crash with sad news, but move forward. Not cancer, but our oldest g-son had a serious kidney disease... started off not serious, and gradually increased to the point of total disability in that system. The people who helped pay for the deductibles, the extra costs, heading for the transplant last Christmas Eve... and then free camp week. So much has been a blessing, even at the sorrow. What a blessing Mark and Deloris are to so many. Thanks for the post.
Tj778 said…
Mark and Deloris Bailey are FRAUDS. Any money they are given for these "BEARS" goes to buying Wii games and TV's for their house not to help anyone but them selves. I'm sorry but I can not stand them ripping anyone else off. They are giving people who are genuinely trying to help a bad name.

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