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etp-button My friend Jason of Endless Impact fame has started this outrageous new blog called Everyday Testimony, you have to check it out! Jason has this to say about the purpose of the blog…

“I believe if we would learn to be thankful in the everyday, dare I say, mundane things that our lives would reflect this grateful attitude. We would have a much harder time doubting God’s love and faithfulness when we have consistently reflected on it all the days leading up to the one day where things were more difficult.”

If you want to be encouragement, head on over and get a daily dose!


SF PODCAST LOGO SML Tomorrow I record the first professionally produced podcast for Strategic Fathering. I am so looking forward to this for several reasons…first I get to hang with my good friend Tom Zahradnik ( who will be my producer for the session. The second is because of what I announced a few posts ago (Read here). I’m looking forward to see what God is going to do with these podcasts…for His glory.

Just because I felt like it….

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S Etole said…
Winter getting long for you, Jay?!!!!! :-)
Jay Cookingham said…
Susan...winter is always toooo long for me! ;-0

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