Picking a Fight



“Sleep! I feel the need of it. Yet my axe is restless in my hand. Give me a row of orc-necks and room to swing and all weariness will fall from me!”
- Gimli (Lord of the Rings)

I'm tired (see my last post for why) and wondering when I’ll feel strong again…when I’ll feel dangerous again. Needing and waiting on some answers from the Father, I find myself restless and uneasy…near tears. I know what’s happening, I’m being stretched and challenged in my faith…pushed to the limit of my belief in what He’s doing in my life. At the same time I feel like something totally radical is running parallel to this part of my journey with Him…something with a powerful draw.

I feel the need to pick a fight…and join it.

I wish I could explain what that means to me but I’m not sure I can yet…at least not totally. There is in my heart a desire to see people set free, to see them in a vibrant and full relationship with Christ. In the battle for their hearts and souls is an enemy who is bent on their destruction…it is a battlefield on many fronts.

When I was seven and said “yes” to Christ…I picked a fight.

When I said “I do” 29 years ago…I picked a fight.

When I became a father…I picked a fight.

Every time I bend my heart in prayer, I’m picking a fight…when I encourage a brother in the Lord…I am reminding the enemy he is a loser. I’m also reminding myself that I can be a dangerous man.

“I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I'm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” Numbers 14:11

That’s Caleb speaking, now that’s a dangerous man, 85 years old and still ready to kick some Anakims, who were some nasty old giants, off the land that God had promised them. Caleb believed his God for the victory and was ready to battle for what God said was his. It’s this kind of radical faith that we have been blessed with as well. The Father uses it to change us into a dangerous people, ready to battle and overcome the giants of this world.

“Whatever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” 1 John 5:4:

So, ready to pick a fight?

Blessings, Jay


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