"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands." - Psalm 143:5

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It’s Personal


“Now you,brothers,like Isaac,are children of promise.”

Lately my posts may not have seemed…well, cohesive or connected…but they were leading up to to this one. I have shared about love, picking a fight and even toast. Now I would like to share a very personal God moment with you, one that happened in March of 2000. During a time of deep soul searching I wrote down what I thought God was speaking to me…it was immensely powerful and so needed at the time.

About a week ago I revisited these words and found the Father still speaking through them to me. This new phase of my journey is really just a continuation of the promise He spoke to me eleven years ago. I was desperate for Him that night…I’m even more so today.

So I share this with you, because you are a child of promise and maybe there is something in this that may speak to where you are. I’m trusting the Father has purposed this for me to share with you…not because I wrote it but because it’s His heart towards us.

Blessings, Jay

I saw a great open prairie and a strong horse and the Lord said to me…

You are like this great horse and I have ridden you hard and the ride is not yet over. The Prairie is long and hot with few watering holes or green grass to eat. There have been gullies and prairie dog holes that have made your step unsure at times, but you have kept on. The dust has filled your nostrils and at times choked you. You have wondered what this journey was about.

But you have kept on. There were watering holes you passed by that I did not let you drink from, for the water was foul and unfit. And there were patches of green grass that I would not allow you to eat from, for it was not time to do so. There were times you wanted to slow the pace, but I urged you forward, there were times you rushed to end the journey, but I held you back. I have ridden you hard, not to the point of harm, but to the point of breaking. Just ahead, over a little knoll is a green place, with much water, good to drink. There, I will give you rest, but this is not the end of the journey. There your nostrils will clear and your parched throat be relieved. Your back will find rest and your mind think clearly. You will see the need of the prairie in your life as much as the green place. The green place is a place of preparation and resting. The prairie is a place of preparation and testing.
My people must learn to go without to go within. Not without my provision, for I will always provide. Not without my protection, for I will always protect. Not without my comfort, for I will always comfort my people. No. you must go without your pride, your willingness to go your own way, the trust you put in things that are not of me. You must go without the fear of what the journey holds, where the journey leads, the fear of what you have to leave behind. The fear of leaving green places.

When you go without these, you will not just see the prairie but the horizon ahead as well. I will give you purposeful vision. You will go into places you would have not gone before. Deep ravines, caves and hiding places where many are waiting to receive my light. You will tarry in places you had no desire to, laboring with those you did not see before. You will learn to go without to go within. Within green places, and in places you had no former desire. Yes, deeper within me, totally hidden and preserved. For in the green place, I am with you. For in the prairie, I am with you. And as you tarry with me and stay within me, the prairies will become lush and bring forth much life. Caves and dark, deep places will burst forth with light and be a place of captivity no more.

This is the purposeful vision I give. The journey and the ride is hard, but I will give you rest. The rest I will give is sweet and needed, but I will also place within you an urgency to begin again. I have called you to enter my rest but not to compliancy. Trust in the steps I lead you in, the time in which I send you. I give purposeful vision and my words will not be lost on you. Faithfulness, strength, and character, these I will bring out in your life. Roughed out in the wild of the prairie, smoothed and shaped in the green place. OH the things I will do on this journey, if you put your trust in me.

“I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. (14) Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!”
Psalm 27:13-14


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